Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Little Critters

Little Hare by Lauren Scott
I bought this beautiful textile sculpture by Lauren Scott, textile artist from Northern Ireland. Once I did some checking to see where else I could buy her stunning pieces of art, I found out that there was a course. So I enrolled and the little critters that I made were out in the Easter sunshine taking in the air.

My Mr Fox liked to pose, he asked for his best side to be taken.

Hedgehog had trouble squeezing between the rocks, I think he ate too much at Easter.I made him for a special little children's rocking chair that I have.

Mr Mole needed his glasses, the sun was so bright. He is my favourite piece that I made.

Little Robin was all of a flutter. I made this on a one day course at Christmas last year.

Even the toadstools didn't mind the sun! Just a bit of fun for an empty cloche that I had.