Sunday, 31 January 2016

Back to school!

Oh! Last post was 7th of January, didn't think that it was so long ago!

So I am back at school again, learning new things and loving the experience.

This time I am attending Home Decor and I have just completed the first week with an amazing group of super talented artists who have produced amazing final artwork. By the sounds of the posts from everyone, the majority has found this week a great challenge, and I am no exception. I started the final project in Illustrator and then we had a really long power cut, which meant no electricity. Long and short of it was that I needed to produce something so I had to do the artwork in watercolour. I am relatively new to this medium, having only started to learn it a few weeks ago, but the fact that I had to start creating made me forget my doubts about inability and just get on with it and I am glad I did as I learnt so much.
Power back on, on Saturday and I was able to clean all the artwork up in Photoshop, which again in unfamiliar ground, but I am seriously loving the challenges that this all brings and thankful that I decided to take the MATS Home Decor class. Here is my finished entry for week 1 below.